yo, i'm jenny, i'm from luton and i like young guns, motionless in white, chelsea grin, of mice and men, pierce the viel, sleeping with sirens and other bands like that.
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can society stop conditioning us to think that having a bf and going to school and then getting a job and having all these friends means you have a good life and are normal

because i’d really like to stop worrying that my life is going nowhere and means nothing

all i want to do is read books and watch tv god fucking damn it


Are you a teen? This blog is just for you!

Are you a teen? This blog is just for you!


So true…

I am so fucking annoyed and I don’t even know why & to top that off I feel empty on the inside.

Counselling now fun :)
When are they going to realise that it’s not going to help, honestly if it didn’t help before then why in earth do they think it will help now. It’s so pointless, the very thought of it pisses me off, everything pisses me off, my mum, the rest of my mother fucking family. Everyone pisses me off.

30 Day Band Challenge// Day 11 - A random band I like - Miss may i.
They are pretty fucking awesome.
30 Day Band Challenge//
Day 9 - A band I’d have sex with - Sleeping With Sirens.
Okay let’s get things straight, I’m not one of those girls who dream of having sex with bands. I just find sws extremely attractive.
30 Day Band Challenge// a band that makes you laugh- Day 10 - Pierce the veil.
They’re so cute its unreal.
30 Day Band Challenge// Day 8
 Least Favourite Singer - Taylor Swift. 
She’s so overrated,she can sing but her song lyrics frustrate me.